Our Mission

At Signal Real Estate Services and Signal Property Management, we strive to provide the highest quality personal service to meet the needs of our annual property management real estate clients and those who have interest in our sales and acquisition services.

Our Services


Property Management

• Our mission at Signal Property Management is to protect the interests of our owners in everything that we do. This is our credo. It is not just a slogan, but it is a way of life for us. We believe that our owners have a right to and deserve the best possible management that we can provide.

• We believe that our owners have a right to have the best qualified tenants living in their property that we can provide. Therefore we do a very thorough job of screening prospects with credit, criminal and background checks. We require the applicants to pay for this screening.

• We believe that our owners deserve to be protected by having a strong attorney prepared lease.

• We believe that our owners have a right to frequent property inspections to insure that the tenants are taking care of the property and abiding by the owner’s rules.

• We believe that our owners deserve to have a detailed move in and move out inspection which gives them a legal basis for potential security deposit claims.

• We believe rent collections should be given the highest priority and we do not tolerate delinquent rent payments. We post three day notices promptly if and when the rent is paid late. This can then be followed by stronger measures.

• We believe owners have a right to receive a clear and understandable statement each month showing income received, payment of bills authorized accompanied and to have their money dispersed quickly to them.

Real Estate Sales and Acquisitions

We offer our clients the best possible service in this area by:
  • For our clients interested in selling their property, we develop a comprehensive marketing plan to attract qualified buyers.
  • Our internet contacts will reach a world wide audience and include over 50 real estate websites.
  • We follow through from showing to contract to closing.
  • We have access to all available properties on the market in our area.
  • We actively participate in the Naples Area Board of Realtors multiple listing program and participate with over 5,000 real estate professionals in our area.


Living out of state, I bought a condo in Naples in 2009, after searching for a property manager and after speaking with and seeing how Mr. James ran his management business, I decided to go with his company. I have never regretted that decision.. He handles it well and sends me a complete statement each month. He is very professional. My proceeds are in my bank the same time each month, and I never have to call and ask where it is.


Naples, FL
Perry James, at Signal Real Estate Services has been managing a rental property for us for the past ten years. We have always been impressed with his professionalism and his customer service. This past year, however, he has gone above and beyond the call of duty.


Naples, FL
We would like to share with any future buyers or sellers just how wonderful Sally and Perry were throughout the entire process. They were so supportive and handled any challenges which arose with ease. We were constantly reassured and we were made to feel like we were part of a great team and never felt alone since we were working with a particularly difficult loan company! We highly recommend Sally and Perry!


Naples, FL