Increase Your Home’s Value, Then Sell With Signal!

Spring is over and summer is here. Now’s the time to really spruce up your home to tip-top shape and get it ready to sell..with Signal! Here are a few ways to increase your home’s value for a low cost: Spruce up your front yard: Pull out those weeds and add a new tree or plant […]

What Should You Look For in an Annual Tenant?

I have been in the property management business here in SWFL for over 15 years and have rented to hundreds of tenants. I am often asked the question, “When you are interviewing a prospective tenant for one of your properties, what do you look for?” Our company requires all prospective tenants to complete a credit, […]

Hot Rental Market – “I Think I’ll Self-Manage”

A note from the President, Perry James: “I was speaking with an owner recently and he expressed the sentiment that since the rental market in Naples and SWFL is currently pretty good, therefore he didn’t think he needed a property manager. I couldn’t help but think about the kids in my neighborhood growing up playing […]

Renting vs. Home Owning

Renting vs. Home Owning

Purchasing a home is the biggest financial decision you will make. It’s important to research and know the pros and cons before purchasing your new home. Renting a home can be cheaper than buying. Your payments are usually lower than house payments and your rent may cover utilities as well, meaning extra savings. And when […]