DIY vs. Hiring Signal Real Estate Services

DIY vs. Hiring Signal Real Estate Services

This seems like a recurring topic, but the reasoning behind working with Signal Real Estate Services vs. “doing it yourself” is an important one!

When owning a property in Southwest Florida (or anywhere), it’s crucial to decide to take on the tasks of managing the property- for us, it’s a no-brainer.

Here are a few reasons why it’s important to stick to the experts when it comes to your investment properties:

Understanding state and federal regulations

Property management companies MUST stay up-to-date on all federal, state and local rules and regulations. Experienced management companies are well-versed in legal aspects of property management, vs. an owner trying to figure it all out. Reduce your stress by working with Perry, someone who’s familiar with real estate laws and regulations. It’s difficult to know and understand all current rules and regulations.

Handling the renting process

To properly get your property rented, it’s a time-consuming process that entails many tasks! Advertising budgets must be established, rental ads, filtering through applications, and verifying information is all necessary before renting or leasing a property. Owners who try to find the time to complete these tasks outside of working hours (if currently working), will find themselves in a pile of work to complete. Signal Real Estate Services understand every aspect of the rental process and are experienced with working with the smallest details of each transaction.

Screening, selecting and communicating with tenants

Experience plays a key role in knowing how to properly screen prospective tenants. It’s also important to have day-to-day issues (when necessary). Hiring Signal allows you freedom to pursue career and family life activities without having to deal with rental issues.

Establishing rental rates, and collecting rent

One of the most important aspects of rental property is money. It’s important to have an expert set the rent payment for your property that’s appropriate for your market. Also, when it comes to collection, Signal will simplify the rent collection and anxiety that comes along with handling late fees or other issues that may arise in payments.

Overall, it’s difficult for property owners to realize how much time is involved in managing their own real estate, so considering to work with a reputable and experienced company is most beneficial. This process also allows the property owners to explore other business opportunities.



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