Everything is Better in the Fall

Everything is Better in the Fall

Although, we live in Florida and don’t get much of any season besides hot and humid. For the first time ever, October is the most popular month to get married. Although the spring months are usually the best time to buy real estate, fall may be the new ideal season to buy a home. A few reasons for this is because:

There’s less competition:

Competition for houses drop off in the fall. “Fall means new inventory and repositioned old inventory that did not sell in the prime season,” said Wesley Stanton. Also, sellers are usually more motivated to sell their homes before the holidays.

Sellers are worn- out

Sellers who put their homes out on the market during the usual prime selling periods, spring and summer, might not have been able to sell meaning they are more likely to take offers and negotiate.

Fall is safer

Did you know that burglars have peak seasons? July and August are the prime seasons. Waiting till fall gives you an advantage of learning about a home and the neighborhood and whether or not you need to take precautions.

Center of attention

Due to the fact that spring and summer are the more ideal times to buy a home, real estate agents are busier meaning you might not always get the attention and urgency you want. This also goes for other service professionals as well like;  mortgage lenders and title companies. 



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