Location, Location, Location

We all know the saying too well. It is true when buying a home, selling a home, or managing it. Where you purchase for yourself of for rental investment, location is EVERYTHING. It will not only determine the future value of the home, but also how early you have to get up in order to get somewhere on time. Signal Real Estate Services can help you decide on just the right places for buying, and purchasing investment properties, with the top three crucial factors to consider..

Geographic Location: The part of town where you want to be, will have the biggest impact. Factors that should be taken into consideration are the average home prices in the area, job opportunities, proximity to family or amenities and climate (even though it seems like you can’t quite get away from this Florida heat anywhere).

School District (for families/renters): Although private schools seem shiny and new, you can save tens of thousands of dollars just by living in a good public school district. Even if you don’t have kids, the quality of the neighborhoods around an up to par school district are usually higher so considering to live around one makes for a wise decision when purchasing a new home.

Proximity to Work: Commuting long distances can be such a drag and can have a huge impact on your disposable income. Finding a place that is within reasonable distance to your job can save you extra minutes of sleep time and less boring talk-show-radio time.

Perry and Sally have over 20 years experience and can help you pick the perfect home that will suit your lifestyle and surroundings. 



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