New Year’s Resolutions for the Property Manager

New Year’s Resolutions for the Property Manager

Personal resolutions are in the air, but what about professional? If you find yourself not having enough time for managing all of your properties, or you wish to take on more but will need an extra hand – call Signal Real Estate Services and we will work together to accomplish your property management goals.

Some resolutions to consider:

  1. Review lease agreements – Carefully tailored rental agreements are the key to your success. Make a plan to meet with your attorney. Are you still using a standard rental agreement? Maybe your goals have changed, the market has changed, or it’s just been a really really long time since you’ve reviewed your documents.
  2. Tackle one long-overdue project – Other projects will arise and now is the best time to tackle at least one project that’s been on your “to do” list for a while. Maybe it could wait, but why wait when you don’t know what tomorrow brings and the excuses not to complete that project add up.
  3. Explore solar – Have you at lease considered solar? There are many benefits to you as an investor and the environment. Save money on utilities if you pay your tenants utilities, or increase appeal by offering lower cost utilities, receive a tax credit for energy savings, and the list goes on.
  4. Integrate one new technology – Adding something as simple as a Nest can help streamline operations and increase rental appeal.
  5. Read a new book – This is for ourselves, read a book. Carve out time each day to read and enjoy some peace and a moment to YOU.
  6. Spend more time with family and friends – Don’t overwhelm yourself and be sure to set aside at least one day a month for family and one day a month for friends, if not more. It’s very important to keep these relationships close in the midst of day to day operations, returning calls, and showing vacant units.

If you’re a self-manager, these are still great goals for 2018, but they will keep you busy. Do you want more time with friends and family? Do you want a professional with over 25 years of industry-specific experience reviewing your documents? Do you want more bandwidth to invest in other properties? If you said “yes” to any of these questions, call Signal Real Estate Services and we can get you on the path to further success in 2018!



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